Leaving Trails of Light and Toilet Paper

Reflections of a depressed optimist on family, love, and Light

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"Rays of Praise" (Testimonials)

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"This read is delightful. Makes a great gift." -- Tina W.

"This book is very inspirational, can't put it down! I would highly recommend it!" Judi F.

"Excellent reading. If you have not ordered this book, please do. It is one you can't put down once you start to read it. It is a very good read from start to finish." -- Rosie B.

"This memoir wrapped in light and insights might help you navigate your own 'rough waters' Mary shares candidly with poignancy wrapped in humor her life journey through rough waters. You will cheer her on and perhaps see yourself and some of your own lived experiences in Mary's words. From navigating dysfunctional family of origin to being a female pioneer at Westinghouse in the 70s to her Project Discovery in sexuality (goodness do not drink anything while reading, or like me, you just might spit your seltzer across the room 🙂 ), to parenting and learning on the way, to rediscovering love in her 40's: my heart about burst to Mary's tips on being a light bringer: you will laugh, you might wipe away a few tears and you will come away with hope. Here's to being a light bringer! And, I'm so glad Mary Starshine has flung open the closet door, encouraging others to do the same!" -- Kristen P.

"Her title is very eye-catching!...She writes very well... Lessons from her mother's purse.... I wish Mary every success." -- Harriet C.

"This courageous, insightful autobiography touched on all my emotions, as I related to many of Mary's situations,  Above all, it reminded me that living in the Light, and leaving trails of Light, is the key to bringing peace to us all." -- Glenda B.

"Couldn't put this book down! Mary is 'real.' You will laugh, you will have tears, and you will be guided through the fullness of a life  that will inspire you to enjoy the myriad of challenges and blessings your life presents." Carol C.

"I was amazed and captivated about Mary's life. Her memories and experiences made my laugh, cry and think deeply about myself. The title made me buy this book! Thank you for sharing your memories." -- Suze G.

"So very relatable, this book draws you in 'til you feel it. So open and honest. Such heart. I too have had rough waters. Some of them exactly the same. This book is about the human experience, the ups and downs and perseverance to go forward and succeed. 100% recommended." -- Caryn H.

"I laughed. I cried. I was exhausted by the rough stuff you endured, but elated by your strength to survive. A good read." -- Jackie W.

"Entertaining yet poignant. Little Mary Sunshine grows into wise and witty Mary Starshine, while maintaining her kindness and compassion, even for those who have wronged her." -- Judy T.

"... to read about all the 'stuff' that Mary went through and how she is able to thrive, is INSPIRATIONAL and gives us all hope." -- Vince F.

"Wonderful read! An engaging life story we can all identify with! Mary writes in a comforting, straightforward and humorous voice. A delightful page turner." -- Richard G.

"Mary Starshine's memoir is rollicking and flowing, inviting us to meet her family members and friends. She is honest, frank about every emotion and problem she's wrestled with, the relationships she's had, while remaining determined, compassionate, and confident that there is always a better way. I love how her introduction to this brave and beautiful book invites the reader into her life, and concludes with a roaring resplendent, radiant Hallelujah!! And you, dear reader, will know why." -- Marcia D.