Leaving Trails of Light and Toilet Paper

Reflections of a depressed optimist on family, love, and Light

Pink star Excerpts
"While reading this book, I hope that you’ll have some laughs, and you’ll shed some tears. It’s good if you do. My life has been made up of many tears and bouts of laughter."

"We leave trails of Light so others might see their way more clearly."

"When it was bedtime, and we didn’t want to go to bed, my mother would pretend that we were strippers and sing that stripping song. That’s how she tricked us into getting undressed and putting our nighties on!"

"Let’s hold each other in the Light as we treasure the moments that brought and bring us joy."

"Long underwear on a man is not sexy."

"That was the beginning of my journey to uncover my own sexuality, which I shall call Project Discovery!"

"Being around men all day made me horny."

"A few words about virginity until your wedding night: It’s way overrated."

"A few words about masturbation: It’s way underrated."

"Leaving trails of Light could become a world-wide movement! It starts with you and me."